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Martin Luther Camp Corp (d/b/a Koinonia)
HIghland Lake, New York, United States (hybrid)
14 days ago
German American Chamber of Commerce
New York, New York, United States (hybrid)
22 hours ago
Pratt Institute
Brooklyn, New York, United States (on-site)
13 days ago
Pratt Institute
Brooklyn, New York, United States (on-site)
14 days ago
Pratt Institute
Brooklyn, New York, United States (on-site)
14 days ago
Martin Luther Camp Corp (d/b/a Koinonia)
HIghland Lake, New York, United States
Spotlight Preferred Member Company
14 days ago
Job Type
Job Duration
1-2 Years
$25.00 - $40.00
Min Experience
3-5 Years
Min Education
Required Travel
Salary - Type
Hourly Wage
Job Function
Senior Accountant



(d/b/a) Koinonia Family Camp

1.      Function:  Contractor as Chief Accountant of Koinonia Family Camp (“Koinonia”);

2.      Location:  Both at Koinonia office & remotely at Contractor office;

3.      Hours/Timing:  Estimated at 8 to 16 hours per week depending upon workflows and deadline demands.  Timing is flexible per the Contractor’s schedule as long as deadlines are met.

4.      Billing:  Contractor shall invoice Koinonia with hours per day and functions performed on a semi-monthly basis.

5.      Billing rates:  $25.00 (twenty-five dollars) to $40.00 (forty dollars) per hour depending upon the functions performed by the Contractor as specified on the invoice.

6.      General ledger system:  Quickbooks.

7.      Revenue recording: 

a.      Record deposits made by office administrator who opens mail and deposits checks at local Jeff Bank;

b.      Record deposits from automated system feeds from Square D, Paypal, etc.

c.       Record any other deposits of cash or, securities into Koinonia bank/brokerage accounts.

d.      Work with office administrator to obtain timely revenue receivable information for rental and nature camp transactions.

8.      Disbursement processing and recording:

a.      Perform and record routine online payments for utilities, insurance, etc.

b.      Prepare and record checks for signature for both operating expenses and capital projects.

c.       Obtain appropriate approvals, signatures and distribute payments.

d.      Set-up vendors, process invoices, resolve vendor invoice discrepancies.

e.      Process credit card invoices.

9.      Manage payroll:

a.      Serve as liaison with payroll contractor.

b.      Process bi-weekly payrolls for hourly and salaried employees.

c.       Distribute checks or, ensure direct deposit, as needed.

d.      Ensure proper recording of payroll.

e.      Add/delete/modify payroll employees, details, etc.

f.        Ensure proper deductions and payroll taxes.

g.      Resolve payroll issues.

h.      Submit IRS form 940 and any other required forms (e.g., 1099-misc) to payroll.

10.  General ledger:

a.      Conduct monthly closing process.

b.      Work with Treasurer and Auditor to perform & review: bank & brokerage reconciliations, non recurring entries, and required account adjustments.

c.       Prepare monthly & YTD reports for the Executive Committee;

d.      Prepare analysis reports as requested by members of the Executive Committee.

11.    Insurance:

a.      Administer employee and employer insurances (e.g., Portico, workers compensation, NYS unemployment, NYS D&FPL).  Handle renewals. Resolve issues.

b.      Administer financial aspects of P&C, D&O and other insurance policies.

c.       Manage annual enrollment process with both Portico and Anchor (broker for Church Mutual).

d.      Provide information to NYS Department of Health to maintain current operating status with NYS.

12.    Taxes:

a.      Ensure compliance and payment for all local, state and federal taxes.

b.      Prepare 1099’s and tax donation letters.

c.       Ensure proper preparation of W-2’s.

13.    Budgeting / forecasting:

a.      Support and coordinate annual budget process.

b.      Input and maintain budget by month.

c.       Produce budget reports and analysis to actual results.

d.      Support and coordinate quarterly forecast process.

14.    Systems:

a.      Maintain Quickbooks system & apprise members of Executive Committee if upgrades, etc. are needed.

b.      Maintain data security of all financial systems; apprise members of Executive Committee if there are issues that need to be addressed.

c.       Examine and implement, as necessary, any new modules and/or data feeds to improve Quickbooks processing.



Job ID: 72362947
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